Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My name's Katie. I'll be brief.

I've been diagnosed with Major Depression which I am being treated for now. I have been diagnosed as bi-polar. I have anger issues. I have tried/planned killing myself. I'm getting better and better as the days go on. 
Now the good things lol.
Greys Anatomy is my all time favorite show. 
I love wearing tights and cardigans. 
I have a huge fear of elevators and taking sinus medicine. (Don't ask  lol)
I smoke cigarettes and don't care what you think. I plan on quitting soon.
I hate wearing flip flops.
I hate the words lunch and concrete.
Monterry is my favorite restaurant. 
My three favorite words are inspire, imagine, faith.
I only listen to dance music only like; Kesha, Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Cascada. (etc.)
But I do sometimes listen to Taylor Swift.
The only rap I will ever listen to is Eminem or Mac Miller.
I have an unhealthy crush on Justin Chambers. If you don't know him, look him up.
Definitely and restaurant are hard words for me to spell. (I just looked them up lol)
I hate sharpening wooden pencils.
I love make-up and getting dressed up.
I wish I liked rollercoasters.
I like to call my parents Mother and Father but they don't seem to like that.
I never wear matching socks. Ever.
I want to get my belly pierced.
I have a really cute chihuahua named Bentley. 

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