Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sadly I'd never heard of him.
I don't even know what to tweet about anymore.
RT For all my Nintendo people out there. A gift from
How do you think the first person who sneezed reacted?
YES! <3
Please stop taking multiple selfies in the form of a Vine post. I'm begging you.
I literally just asked myself: "What would Snoop Dogg do?"
Calm down. See you Sunday!
RT RIP VINE 2013-2013
RT  I'm not cool. I'm bad ass
I'm really bad at snapchat.
I was planning on going on Thursday... so.......
currently listening to random people saying "you know nothing Jon Snow" over and over.
I've had three people ask me if they could make an Instagram account portraying my kitten.
ummmm am I seeing you this time??
I'm in a town called Paw Paw..... Just needed to share that.
so just said "daaaaaamnnnn" 33 times in a 20 minute period. Me and counted.
I wish I would've stuck with ballet. Or karate. Or piano. Or anything at all...
yeah all 3. I'm ridiculously picky, there wasn't anything that I liked. I'm really simple and everything they have is flashy
....but it's a tuesday.... what... Evan....
"you will find its necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy."
I've learned so many life lessons from How I Met Your Mother and Taco Bell sauce packets.
my celebrity crushes are fictional tv show characters and video game characters......
RT As a girl, we tend to find out everything. It's just in our nature.
I almost bought a spiderman onsie today but they're only made for kids and I didn't think a size "4T" looked big enough
RT What if Kate Middleton gave birth to a turtle and it became king. That would be awesome.
exactly, so you obviously are excluded from "those people" haha
I like listening to music that makes me feel awkward.
RT : I am sitting here at the SIU mix laughing my socks off. is one funny betch
Call Me Maybe has been nominated for a Grammy.......... Call Me Maybe......... C A L L..... M E........ M A Y B E.......... shit.
RT : The WORLD could be a much better place if there were more people like in it.
.....said no one ever besides you cause you're weird
I'm outside and I can hear my neighbor singing (yelling) Headstrong by Trapt............
2 am and i'm partying with my grandma because WE RULE.
RT Literally can't breathe right meow. @cassynyleve has me in tears laughing.
use your own screen shot hahahahah
"...I may not know who invented the helicopter even though I own one, but I did beat The Legend of Zelda before I could walk."
RT I wonder if has any guy fans?
lately i've been really into having profile pictures where you can barely see my face.
considering deleting every picture and video off my computer so I can have room to download The Sims.....
I wish girls would realize that desperation isn't cute. Respect yourself.
now that Girl Meets World is happening i'm even more stoked about that one time direct messaged me.
Star Wars Angry Birds till I pass out.
If you could send emojis on kik I'd totally play with you all.
haha it's Evelyn backwards intentionally. You're the first person to ever catch that!!
It's pronounced nye-leave y'all haha
guys... Nyleve is my middle name, not my last name.
feelin' super artsy right now

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