Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This is my only official tumblr page. just things i like and stuff. I cant answer everyones questions im sorry :( xx Liam
funniest ones!! hahaha
animperrialaffliction asked: Why don't you love me?
But I do.. thats the thing! xx

catswearpajamas asked: You are beautiful ok bye.
thank you :) ok bye! 


If they don’t need you, it’s okay, you do not live for other people.

animperrialaffliction asked: Why are you soooo cute?
Me!?!? i think you meant to ask this to niall...
hes the cute one

ghetto-meets-glitter asked: Hey, I’m not trying to pressure you- I don’t want to makeout with you without mutual consent; but by the way, you have my consent, don’t worry!
Haha well thanks babe! ;)
Remember that time? 
Sometimes, I think about that time and wonder if at the same time you’re thinking about that time.
Maybe some other time…
xx Liam

                                                        My exact skin color. ;)

In regards to friends, it is much easier to see true motives, and thankfully the boys and I have had our friend group long enough to know that there is really no mal-intent.
On behalf of dating, this is a whole different story however. Truth be told, it makes dating pretty hard. In the case of myself, I’ve found that when going on dates, girls have a hard time shedding the image from the truth. Most (BUT NOT ALL):
1. Think I am a player, and speed through women like a bobsled down an icy hill.
2. Think that I will treat them differently because they have not achieved a relative level of success as I.
3. Think that I will likely ditch them when the deed is done for another.
4. Don’t want to be drawn into a fan enforced “limelight" of sorts.
5. (The wrong kind of person, and trust me, they exist) Refuse and secretly harbor a need to only gain attention with me when in public.
6. Don’t bother to get to know the real me, nor even like the real me past their own perceived image of what they think I am.

All in all? I will probably edit this post a few times for better clarity but, together with personal preferences, differences in thought, and overall willingness to accept one another, these truths make dating pretty tough for me (and a handful of others). You may ask yourself, why does this d00d never date or show any interest in me since I am a fan... because of the reasons I stated above. And It’s why, for the most part, entertainers tend to date entertainers, or those who have experienced similar.
BUT, I AM NO DEFEATIST! HA HAAAA! when you know, you must know. So I’ll keep learnin’ as I go. On another note, I’m taking it day by day, and am in absolutely no rush to find love.
instant-slavery asked: How are you liam? :)
I’m swell, how are you? (:
curiosity-creates asked: Liam please read this: <3 it's okay to feel how you're feeling, any guy would feel this way if they've been through what you have, but you're just man enough to admit it, even if it's only to tumblr. I'm sorry you're feeling so down. Life gets really hard and I know we're not really friends, but I also know that you don't deserve a hard life. You're an awesome person, I hope things get better for you babe.
Thanks, but honestly, I would definitely consider us friends. :)
yet again another waste of time and waste of a night alone. Awesome. 
i just want another chance, i wanna work at us and have us. i miss us. i miss you
every night i miss you less and every day i miss you more
so half of me wants you to love me but the other half of me wants you to fuck off and leave me alone
They start to slow as you start to go. Just a lil rhyme. I’m funny.

What I said: I hope you have fun.
What I really meant: I hope you have an awful time without me.
Anonymous asked: If you want answers, maybe you shouldn't have anon as an option. Also, Remember that sometimes a fight saves a relationship, where silence breaks it. Speak up for your heart, so you won't have any regrets.
Sounds good to me. 

Anonymous asked:  liam u asked for it. and by the way, danielle can get wayyyyyyy better, she's model status.
Haha, oh yeah? I already know this.

Anonymous asked: If you want to be her perfect man, be yourself. Don't get buzzcuts like her hot friends. LMAO thats why she dumped you
You’re contradicting yourself there… but alright.

Anonymous asked: Come out of the closet already. It's apparent you're a homo!
Thanks for the advice! I’ll ask my penis what it thinks first, then i’ll get back to you.

curiosity-creates asked: I hope you're having fun on your tour liam!
I am! thank you :)

curiosity-creates asked: How is your lifeeeee?(:
Good! How is yours? (:
News in America: Cannibal eats man's face
News in America: Man throws his own intestines at police
News in America: Woman kills and eats 3 week old son
News in Britain: Our butterfly population is still declining
News in Canada: Man steals $30 million worth of maple syrup from the government
News in Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo is sad

Anonymous asked: Do you miss any body
Yeah, a lot of my friends and family back home
Anonymous asked: "Who wants to date a whiney singing douchebag faggot? Not me!" thats why youre not his girlfriend..
Yeah that person is probably single, most likely an unattractive female.

Anonymous asked: You cant even sing liam. give it up.  You whine and are gay, it's sad. Don't you know how to be happy for danielle that she is in a new environment? Acting like a needy guy makes you look like a HUGE BABY. Who wants to date a fucking whiny singing douchebag faggot anyways? Not me!
Ouch... :/

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