Monday, September 23, 2013

Can someone send me a photoshop of a bearded dragon with 's face on it? It would be much appreciated right now.

The person in front of me smells like crayons.

My AMAZINGLY TALENTED friend and former 13 castmate, , is on X Factor tonight. Tune in, support & make sure to follow him!!!

It's so easy to be difficult.

Wrecking Ball video is cool.

Like HALF human versions of themselves. Same dog faces but human height & standing on their hind legs wearing suits & hats.

I have this strange new paranoia where i'm taking a shower & i'm deathly afraid that my dogs are going to walk into the bathroom as humans.

Will & Grace is my favorite TV Show of all time for those who didn't know.

2004 was a better time.

Oh someone hacked my Twitter. Cool.

1.6 MILLION?? Insanity. I promise to keep posting pictures of food.

Happy Happy Birthday, !!! Miss you! :)

Justin Timberlake is a class act.

Huskies are so beautiful. I think I want a Husky.

Everybody has a favorite eyebrow.

My 40-minute long 20/20 interview with . It's a fun one. We cover a lotta stuff!

I love New York.

Hey! Just did an interview with & now I'm on the radio takin some calls. Call 888-515-9224 & listen at ;)

Indescribably proud of . Almost had me in tears tonight. Hard work pays off. This album is going to blow your minds. Get ready.

How'd you guys like the episode? I had a lot of fun. Great cast & crew. Thanks for tuning in & supporting!

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C. S. Lewis

Guest starring on an all new episode of "The Exes" tomorrow night at 10:30 on TV Land! Cute episode. Make sure to check it out ;)

Wrapped Animal today! Had such an incredible time. What wonderful people. Get excited for this movie. You're gonna like it :)

I am very excited for you guys to see this movie.

Don't miss on The Exes' "Prelude to a Kiss" in 10 days, Wednesday, August 14, at 10:30pm on TV Land!

I love shooting horror movies.

I'll willingly be a spokesperson for Rice Chex.

I legitimately just checked under my bed for monsters. Goodnight.

Don't have time to go through and tweet everyone right now bc I have to go to set but I will once I get a chance. Thank you guys again :)

OMG!! Just looked through this incredible card you all made me!! I have the sweetest fans in the world!!! That meant a lot to me. Thank you.

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!! I feel very, very blessed.


I love that I Hate Everyone is trending worldwide right now.

Bed time.

Joey King was EXCELLENT in The Conjuring.

Ask me some Q's! I'll answer em :)

Oh maan, my teenage years are coming to an end!! Too bad I did little to no stereotypical "teenage" things during them.

Just wrapped. Good morning!

RT  We accept the soy we think we deserve.

"I found soy in a hopeless place." -

I always forget that the bridge in Are You Happy Now by Michelle Branch is impossible to sing.

The doll in The Conjuring was wearing too much makeup.

Filming a horror movie in the woods for the next month. Get excited ;)

Summertime makes me want to be 11.

Deepest thoughts & prayers to Cory Monteith's family, friends & fans. Shocking and devastating.

I'd totally date Gene Wilder Willy Wonka.

What does Slugworth whisper to them tho...

Just momentarily left a rooftop party to go eat cashews & rice cakes in my hotel room.

Wait but I'm scared of fireworks...

. guest starred in my dream last night. He wasn't one of the main characters, but overall I think he did a good job.

Chillin on my Chillow pillow right now. You know you're jealous.

10 points to the zombie actor who decided to chatter his teeth at the end of World War Z.

1.2 million! So crazy. Thanks you guys!! :)

RT Left Aaron, & in charge of my party tonight. I requested a "small party with friends". They hired an alpaca...

RT You got that above ground pool swag

Wait is Catfish on tonight? Did I miss it?

RT People who cannot understand sarcasm are more likely to suffer from dementia and experience a decline in the brain’s abilities.

Why are there always birds flying around the airport. Who lets that happen.

RT Does anyone know of a service/place that and I can get our wisdom teeth dipped in silver?

RT  If you ever feel like you're too pale, just remember that in the 18th century, only peasants had a tan.

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