Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Harry Styles Official.

my names Harry.
i don't answer questions as much because i get so many and they usually say the same thing
over and over. I will try to reply to some.
sorry if u dont like the music on my page but its for me to listen to whilst on here.
this is just stuff i like and whats inside my head most of the time.
xx love you all.
anonymous: how come you won't or would you ever date a fan? 
i mean not a crazy one but a normal girl? not a celebrity...?
love you btw. <33
On behalf of dating, truth be told, dating a fan is pretty hard. In the case of myself, I’ve found that when going on dates with a fan or someone not in the industry, girls have a hard time shedding the image from the truth. 
-Think I am a player, and speed through women like a bobsled down an icy hill.

-Think that I will treat them differently because they
 have not achieved a relative level of success as I.

-Think that I will likely ditch them when the deed is done for another.

-Don’t want to be drawn into a fan enforced “limelight” of sorts.

-(The wrong kind of person, and trust me, they exist) Refuse and secretly harbor disdain to garner less attention than me when in public.

-Don’t bother to get to know the real me, nor even like the real me past their own perceived image of what I am due to my musical counterpart.

All in all? I will probably edit this post a few times for better clarity but, together with personal preferences, differences in thought, and overall willingness to accept one another, these truths make dating a fan pretty tough for me (and a handful of others).  And It’s why, for the most part, entertainers tend to date entertainers, or those who have experienced similar.

BUT, I AM NO DEFEATIST! HA HAAAA! when you know, you must know. So I’ll keep learnin’ as I go. On another note, I’m taking it day by day, and am in absolutely no rush.

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