Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aspiring Designer. Writer. Student. Gamer. Model. Cat Worshipper.

Are you and Anthony dating? sorry if its personal just you spend a lot of time together and a lot of people are wondering.. you dont have to answer... sorry if its personal! :( just wondering btw i love you and you are an amazing artist! <3
Hi! Its fine, lol. No. We are not dating. Anthony and I have known each other since we were two years old. Our families are close. We've been nothing but best friends for as long as I can remember. He is pretty much my brother. I am actually introduced him to his current girlfriend! We is just bffz xoxo :)

I cried while reading your last ask! I'm so happy to see you're better now, don't let anyone bring you down anymore! Thanks for sharing! Love the blog, by the way!
Thank you so much! You guys also make me smile everyday. I’m so thankful for that.

Me and you always have the same color hair like i dyed mine blue green and yours was that blue green color and then a few weeks ago i dyed it brown and then like a few days later on instagram you had brown hair. We will forever be hair twins yay :3
Hahahah, this is great! Hair twinsies united!

I have a question about hair. Can you answer it? I love straightening my hair but in the humid days and sometimes even not humid days, it just frizzes and doesn't look good. How can I straighten it and keep it healthy and non-frizzy every day?
There’s many ways! Please notice that straightening your hair every single day leaves it very damaged, so try switching up some days!
I also like to straighten my hair, so before doing it so I always spray a anti-damage spray on my hair, to avoid the damage caused by the heat. 
This will also keep your hair from frizzing! Hope it helped somehow, heheh

Saw some giant bats at the Ueno Zoo. Day = made!!!!
Wearing bangs since the first time I cut them. I hate them. But since I’m in Japan, I’ll… #DoAsTheJapaneseDo
Kawaii Outfit Day #1!!! ^_^
Just spent $34.99 to lose 500 hours of my life. Can’t wait! *^_^*
Wittle Pufty!!!!!! ^_^
me and my bitches.
We’re in Mario’s world!!!! #E3
Sailing the sea with Zelda!
Car Shot! On our way to E3!!
We just played a game that made us make these faces. Sexy.
my new “no-fun-color” hair :’( I’ll try to post a better pic later :/

Can I ask where that dress is from??
My "dress” is a combination of a Black Bandeau and a Lace Vest ( From Urban Outfitters ) and a Lace Skirt ( From Forever 21 ).

hi, do you know exactly what breed buki is? :)
Kabuki is a Savannah Cat :)
New hair! (after I fixed it) I really love the purple! I’m thinking about adding more :P
Katamari time
hey! it's me again, the person about the hair :P and also, I know you've been asked this before but it might be for longer hair and instead of highlights, how should he dye it? :P
Hi! I think a dip dye would look pretty cool, too!
i just wanted to say you are literally the cutest girl ever omfg your amazing okay x
Owwn, this is so cute! Thank you very much, sweetie~ 
And YOU’RE amazing! * hugs *

Family portrait with my best friends.

This might be a stupid question, but is Kabuki female or male?
Oh, don’t worry about it! Kabuki is a female cat :)
Hanging out at the amazing John Lennon VIP room! so fun!!

how did you choose the name for Kabuki? Or where you found her nickname?
Well, I must say that I didn’t name Kabuki because of the makeup brush!
I was searching in a website with a lot of animal names, and I wanted a name with the letter K, because it sounds more Japanese and my name also starts with K.
The first name on the list was Kabuki, which I fell in love with it :)

Hi! Is Kabuki a spotted Bengal or a savannah cat???
Hello! Kabuki is a Savannah Cat :)

This sounds absolutely insane, but how do you pronounce your name, I can think of 20 different ways to say it but I want to get it right, I love you by the way
It is pronounced Kuh-lehl. :) 
Oh and I love you too :3
Thank you Samantha for this! I love it :)
You're amazing!! oh and i love you

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