Tuesday, August 27, 2013

not too fond of anything Selena Gomez related except for her outfits. on poiiiint.
a ton actually haha
Seattle is preeeettttyyyy
my mom just texted me saying "I'm drunk" followed by a picture of her wearing 2 different shoes...........
I just read this sentence that someone posted on Facebook: "school was such a waist of time."
Do you think berry lemonade soda tastes like cotton candy acid? Cuz does! Haha. I like it though.
ugh I'm always "Cathy"
like honestly, how do you expect me to get out of bed with all of this rain happening...?
ugh I haaaaated that part! Majoras mask is so fun. We have it! We'll have to play when you come visit.
cause girls are weird lol
twerking shouldn't be a thing.
very.. RT : cassyyy a black male pornstar just followed me on here. Should I be worried? Lol

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