Tuesday, August 13, 2013

there's a box of warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts on my lap right now soooo I guess you could say I'm happy.
ugh I'm always "Cathy"
I've got every thing; I've got you.
like honestly, how do you expect me to get out of bed with all of this rain happening...?
cause girls are weird lol
crunchy Cheetos >>>>>>
twerking shouldn't be a thing.
nothing better than listening to Brand New when everything in the world is pissing you off.
very hahaha RT : a black male pornstar just followed me on here. Should I be worried? Lol.
I just made my own iced coffee and it tastes just like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie.
I hate allergies cause of all the sneezing but I don't know what to do cause the sneezing is giving me abs I think so do I like allergies?
I've lived in Nashville for over a year and I'm FINALLY eating bbq food.
Taking Back Sunday is so good.
sometimes when my kitten burps, it sounds like a human burping.
I officially moved to Nashville one year ago today. it really is crazy how quickly time goes by.
I don't even know what to tweet about anymore.
how do you think the first person who sneezed reacted?
Kanye is kind of brilliant though....
I literally just asked myself: "what would snoop dogg do?"

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